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Uncontrolled Bleeding
Here are two natural, safe remedies using ingredients you may, or now, should have in your kitchen. These work almost miraculously to immediately stop bleeding.Cayenne_powder300

The first is cayenne pepper. If you experience profuse bleeding, apply a liberal amount of cayenne to the wound and press in hard. Maintain pressure until bleeding stops, then bandage and leave overnight. The next day, remove bandage and clean out a little and re-bandage. You will be amazed at how well this works.

Of course, if the wound is serious, transport to the emergency room once bleeding is controlled. These remedies are NOT meant to replace emergency medicine.

The second is turmeric, which is the bright yellow spice used in curry. Use just as you would the cayenne pepper. It is just as effective and without the burning sensation that turmeric-powder-300comes with cayenne. Turmeric can be found reasonably priced at a store that specializes in East Indian food.

Be sure to keep one or both of these remedies in your camping supplies, vehicle 1st aid kit, and at home.

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